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Psychotherapy practice Saudade offers an experiential form of support to people in Eindhoven and surroundings. This form of support is also called Gestalt therapy.

This form of support is extremely suitable when you get stuck or experience obstacles in relationships, work and/or private life.

You do not feel (completely) happy with yourself, your position, the situation you are in. The extent to which this can vary is from displeasure to trauma. You want to change ‘it’, but do not know what ‘it’ is and how you could do ’this’.

The therapy is a process of growth in regaining freedom, experiencing choices and own leadership.

The process we go through is aimed at increasing your awareness of who I am, who do I want to be and what is possible in the situation I am in. I support you in this, so that you can discover ways to get away from, sometimes painful, dynamic in situations, during contact between you and the other.

I reach out to you by giving you more insight into choices and the consequences of new choices. And how you can support yourself better, because you get a better insight into the reality of the situation you are in.

Freedom is control in your own life (Willie Nelson)

For when you want to learn

  • rely on yourself
  • translate words into action
  • let go and connect
  • understanding your body
  • dealing with feeling powerless
  • be your own tour guide

For if you want to overcome

  • trauma
  • burn-out
  • <Anxiety/li>
  • depression
  • stress
  • loss
  • involuntary sex experience

If you have questions about my offer, call or email me or come and meet in Veldhoven.