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(Being able) to be yourself

We are all unique! How many times have you heard this statement? And yes, we’re different, everyone’s different. Yet there are many situations in which you notice or feel that you have to adapt, that you have to ‘behave’ or that you even have to feel like others. That actually starts in your childhood. Because as soon as you started exploring the world, you had to deal with expectations and limitations. Some limitations or expectations are understandable, others perhaps less so or not at all. They can hinder you in the (further) development of your own will and wishes and prevent you from making choices that suit you better. This can cause you to lose your balance. As we grow up, we learn the norms of our family and of the environment and society in which we grow up. But are those standards and values really yours? Or have you (partly) adapted to them and do they not really belong to yourself? Maybe you needed them before, but do they still help you? Maybe now they limit you in expressing values and ideas and wishes that fit you better? What’s authentic about you, and what have you learned from someone else? What still fits in with you and the life you have now? If that is not clear, it can be an inner struggle. Then it is difficult to feel good and in harmony with yourself. And that determines to a large extent how you approach the world around you: how you make and maintain contact with others, privately and in your work. Do you want to figure out how to live more in harmony? Do you want to experience more freedom of choice? Do you want more insight into how you are possibly limiting yourself in achieving your life goals? Do you want to discover how you make contact with the other person, then I invite you to join me in searching for ways to achieve that. Because sometimes you need someone else for a while to make that journey towards yourself.