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About me

"Great in one word. Karen gives energy, warmth and sees me. I've gotten a better grip on my life."
"I'm trustworthy and professional, tuned up in so it feels good for you. Therapy is tailored to you. Karin goes out of the personality you are with YOUR standards and values and uses them as a basis".
"Never thought I'd get so much out of it. Understanding myself and others. Thank you, Karen."
"It was nice to have some sessions with Karen. I feel like I've been seen by her. And feel the space to be who I am. Karen clearly gives back where the shoe pinches, but also where the opportunities for growth and development are. She shows me my blockages and also shows what is authentic and appeals to me in my healthy side. That's where my strength lies."
"I have made a very pleasant and engaged connection with Karen. With her warm and informal yet professional way of working she knows how to help me further in my personal development. Sometimes it can be very difficult to defy certain things on your own. It is then very pleasant to be able to contact Karen. If you're looking for your own identity or if you run into certain problems in life, I would certainly recommend Saudade Counseling".
"Karen is a very nice person. She has good and practical and personal advice. In addition, she is in tune off what feel and need”