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Gestalt coaching
is a result-oriented form of coaching. This form of coaching is extremely suitable when you are struggling with the question: “How can I realize myself more in the area of work and as a person”

Gestalt coach as a life coach

In the program that we go through, I investigate together with you what you would like to achieve, what makes you happy and what possibilities there are for improvement. We work specifically on the goals that you want to achieve, during which I will give you tips, ideas and exercises.

Where you could steer to pick up the life that you want to live and that suits you better.

Follow your heart, because it beats true!

Are you looking for more direction or guidance in your life? Don’t you want to talk in therapy but get more guidance? Do you want to get tools to (re)take up your life?
Gestalt coaching helps you further develop as a person.For example, you learn from coaching in the domain of:

  • collaborate
  • achieve plans and goals
  • find balance
  • realize yourself
  • be yourself
  • standing up for yourself
  • dealing with power and powerlessness
  • lack of self-confidence
  • depressive feelings
  • stress or burnout
Saudade coaching Veldhoven
Form my practice near Eindhoven I offer guidance and advice to young and old. With Gestalt therapy and coaching – also called the psychotherapy of contact – we restore contact with yourself and your environment.
Contact us directly for an appointment or read on. I always start with an introduction interview. This interview is free of charge ( and can also be done by video-call).