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Psychotherapy Practice Saudade remains open!
In accordance with measures Coronavirus COVID-19, I am happy to remain available for people in psychological distress. Not to forget, those who have to wait so long for psychological help before the arrival of the Coronavirus. Because psysical contact matters. Even if there is now 1,5 meters between them.
We can meet in my practice or outside. Fot those who prefer not to come to the psychotherapy practice, video conact (secured) is possible or by walking together, for example.
.“To restore freedoms where they have been lost by patterns (trauma)”

Practice Saudade stands for psychotherapeutic assistance to (young) adults from a practical and experiential system framework, Gestalt-psychotherapy or support.The practice derives its name from the originally Portuguese word Saudade which means homesickness or a longing for. It describes the mixture of feelings of loss, loss, distance and love. In this way you can feel a longing for something you desire, for what you would like or for what you have lost

Sometimes you’re confronted with situations you can’t handle. You feel listless, scared, insecure or sad and do not have enough strength to solve these problems on your own. When the support of friends and family is also insufficient, it can be valuable to seek professional help, such as Gestalt psychotherapy. Gestalt therapy focuses on restoring contact with yourself and your surroundings. The therapy gives you the opportunity to bring your feelings, mind and actions more in line with each other. If things go better in one area of your life, improvement in other areas will often be easier. You will be better able to take your own direction (again) and make better choices that suit you.
In my practice I work a lot with specific psychological problems such as stress, anxiety, depression or mourning, but also with general problems you may encounter in your daily life and which have to do with relationships, health, work, study or self-image, meaningfulness , stages of life. My specialism includes women’s assistance, trauma treatment, coping with sexual violence, burn-out, attachment problems (separation anxiety, bonding anxiety) and high sensitivity (HSP).
If you want some more information about me and my approach first, go through my website at your leisure. Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me by sending me an email or calling me. We can agree to meet each other at my practice or via videocalling. I would like to introduce myself and get to know you. So we can see how we can go on this yourney and you can see if it suits you.